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  • Hello AI! 😄

    10:00 AM
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    Hey Felecia, I am here to help you, ask me anything.

    10:02 AM
  • What is the most profitable demographic on the Nov , 2023 campaign?

    10:03 AM
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    Good Question. 😃

    Let me look through your profile and analyze your data.

    10:05 AM
  • Thanks, waiting for you.

    10:06 AM
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    Age from 20-30, Income 125K, Gender Female

    This was your top demographic, it created a revenue of $25,000.

    and return on spent dollar of 9x.

    10:08 AM
  • Great, what should i do to leverage this performance.

    10:10 AM
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    Recreate a new campaign on summer 2024

    starting on July 2024 and ending by septemeber 2024

    Projected Profits


    chart success
    10:15 AM
  • Thanks.

    10:15 AM